Band 7.5 Essay Sample | Playing A Musical Instrument Is A Waste Of Time

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Some people believe that playing a musical instrument can be beneficial in many different ways. Others think it is a waste of time to play a musical instrument. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Music has touched the lives of countless people. It means different things to different people. However most people agree about one thing – music can soothe. Yet, there are people who believe that playing a musical instrument is a waste of time. I do not agree with them. In my opinion, this hobby or practice must be encouraged because there are numerous benefits to it.

Those who argue that playing music is a waste of time insist that that time should be used for performing something productive like learning, reading or working. They do not think that playing a musical instrument is a productive activity. Many parents also believe that playing a musical instrument does not improve the academic performance of their children. So, they encourage their children to study instead of playing the guitar or the piano.

On the contrary, people who play musical instruments argue that music helps in improving their mental health conditions by helping them to relax and chill out. Consequently, they have better focus and improved decision making skills.

For instance, many scientists have the habit of playing musical instruments. They believe that music can invigorate their productivity by relaxing their minds and organizing the flow of thoughts. Thus, they use music not only in their spare time but also during their daily work. This clearly shows that music can indirectly enhance people’s productivity.

To sum up, people may have different opinions about the usefulness of music. I believe that those who do not support the playing of musical instruments are not aware of its benefits which are strong enough for everyone to adopt this practice.

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