Band 7.5 essay sample | Libraries are no longer needed

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Writings of various types can effectively be found on the web, so one could feel that there is no requirement for libraries any longer. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Give reasons to your response.

Band 7.5 essay sample

Access to information has increased significantly these days and traditional ways seem to have taken a back seat. However, I believe that there are lots of people who still like to read books, newspaper etc. to gain knowledge. Therefore, I disagree with the argument that libraries are no longer needed. Well-structured information can be gained without distraction in libraries. Also, they are accessible to almost everyone.

First and foremost, libraries are well organized with dedicated sections. Books, journals and magazines are organized in various sections like arts, science, history, architecture and so on. This organization allows users to find information easily. Second, books are published by reputed authors and are well reviewed by editors. Particularly, books contain information in a sequence which is rare in articles found on web. Third, a library is a peaceful and quiet place with little distraction. This allows a focussed effort to learn or research. On the contrary, web has many distractions in the form of chatting, videos, emails etc.

Fourth, old generation finds it difficult to use computers; they still read newspapers rather than websites for news. In India, there are still many people who do not have access to computer or are computer illiterate. Not only that, having a phone, tablet or computer with internet is a cost which still many do not wish to afford. They are still continuing with traditional methods.

To sum up, libraries offer authentic information in a well-structured manner which is difficult to find online. Also, without distractions, people can read and learn more in libraries than on the web. Hence, in my opinion, libraries are still needed and will continue to be here in the future as well.

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