Band 7.5 Essay Sample | Advantages And Disadvantages Of Globalization

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students.

Some people say that globalization will lead to a loss of cultural identity. Others think that globalization will result in world peace and harmony.

To what extent do you agree with either sentence?

Band 7.5 essay sample

With the advent of globalization, its merits and demerits have become a topic of intense debate. Many people reckon that globalization will result in loss of cultural identity while others believe that it will play pivotal role in maintaining global peace and harmony .In my opinion, globalization will definitely have some negative impact on local culture although it will have positive influence in restoring world peace.

To begin with, globalization leads to exposure of a society to multiple cultures making it vulnerable to cultural loss. As globalization spreads, it not only leads to economic growth of a country but also allows intermingling of different cultures. This sometimes make a society prone to be heavily influenced by other culture. For instance, due to development of tourism post globalization,Goa, the beach city of India registered a 20 percent decrease in celebration of local festivals as people are now more influenced by western culture .

However, globalization aids in maintaining global harmony as mutual business interest compel countries to keep peaceful relations. The economies of most of the countries are dependent on each other, therefore they try to resolve any clash with bilateral talks rather than resorting to war. Thus, it helps in building peaceful atmosphere across the world.

To conclude, I reiterate my opinion that globalization might have some deleterious impact on local culture, but the interdependence of economies due to business helps in avoiding tense situations because of mutual interests.

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