Band 6 essay sample: What are the causes of having children later in life?

These essays are written by students and contain grammar and/or vocabulary mistakes (See the underlined parts). They are merely provided as samples.

Essay topic

What are the causes of having children later in life? What are the effects of this development on family and society?

Essay written by student

Today couples avoid having children early in their lives. What are the causes that make people to reproduce later in life? In this essay, I will discuss some of those reasons and its effects on their family and their society.

Some people prefer to reproduce their own children in their late adulthood because they want to accomplish their financial stability first. They want to have greater financial security and improved parenting skills. The parents who already achieved success in their lives can offer a better help unto their children in order to understand that targets can be fulfilled. Financially, one can afford everything that is required to comfortably raise children. For example, those who are economically strong can provide their children all the assets and luxuries in life. Thus, people prefer to wait for some time before pro creating.

On the other hand, many couples have career objectives to achieve. They want to attain stability in a profession before planning to have their own children. This is because they think that later on it is going to be easier to focus on family and children. Being a parent is a great responsibility. Hence, they make sure that they have attained all their objectives to avoid struggle later on after having babies. It provides them a secure future for them and for their children. For example, if someone has no stress and struggle in their profession, it makes their life much easier to focus on their children. Therefore, some couples decide to have a short delay to reproduce.

This issue effects the health of parents. As after thirty five or forty years of ageing the health begins to decline. There is health risks involved such as cardiac arrest, Hypertension and Diabetes. Sometimes, some women are not being able to conceive.  As with ageing the fertility rates begin to decline gradually. Women have more difficulty getting pregnant as they age. If women undergoes the treatments such as; IVF, ICSI and test tubes.  All these treatments are very expensive and the government or the health insurance funders have to pay for these heavy bills. Hence, It affects both family and the society.


This essay doesn’t have a proper conclusion. However, the student manages to present his arguments convincingly. There are some grammar mistakes. The choice of words is not exactly great. Overall, this looks like a band 6 essay.

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