Band 6 essay sample | Schools spend too much time teaching subjects like history

Band 6 essay sample
It is certainly true that the conventional curriculum become an important part of every schools.However,some people believe that the vocational subjects in schools get more attention that the historical subjects.Indeed, I strongly agree to this statement owing to following reasons

The first and foremost reason is that the vocational training at early age of schooling accelerates the interest of students to choose particular career.For instance, computer classes from the primary level of schools inculcate the interest of students toward computer and later it help them to become computer professionals. Moreover,these vocational training deviates the hesitation of candidate about their aforementioned job in the down run and help them to build a satisfying profession in their life.Thus job-oriented subjects create a better platform for the children than the traditional subjects

Another reason is that the vocational subject in schools curtail the unemployment ratio in a country. Clearly, the ulitimate aim of a student is to get job immediately after schooling. When schools devote their most of time to teach students avout the technical subject it provide immense opportunites for the students to choose a better career. Consequently, every children would be employed and unemployement in job sector will reduce.A recent study conducted by Oxford University in London, for example,disclose that about 80% students in technical students get job after schooling than the students in traditional . Therefore job skills at early school age give good oriented career for the students in their life

However,some people think that conventional curriculum impart traditional knowledge about the country and childrens become more knowledgable about the cultural diversities in various countries.Nevertheless,it donot provide any benefits for the development of better career for the children.So their argument is neither tenable nor robstus.

To conclude, I reiterate the fact that the schools should focus on job oriented subjects which provide a good vision for the children about their future career as well as good professionals for the country.I hope in future schools would take the immediate measures to focus on vocational subjects.

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