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“Young people spend their free time in shopping malls. This has negative effects on young people and society”. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

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Band 6.5 essay sample

The fact that the youths chose to spend their spare time in shopping centres is believed to exhibit undesirable effects on them and society. This essay strongly disagrees that investing free time in shopping malls has a negative impact on young people and community. Firstly, the idea of shopping malls as socialising venues will be explained, and, secondly, this essay will look at how this event can affect society.

Shopping malls are considered by young people as convenient and attractive venues to socialise and enjoy their free time. They not only offer a variety of leisure options, but they also allow young people to develop new friendships or strengthen their current ones. For example, gathering with friends in my town´s shopping mall to simply enjoy a delicious milkshake and a good conversation, is my favourite time of the week, because I can distract my mind and reconnect with friends.

Spending time in a shopping mall entails buying in most cases, regardless of group age. Young people tend to spend money easily, and, therefore, they are viewed as consumers who help businesses to progress, and, moreover, exerting a positive effect on society. For instance, I always spend money when meeting up with my friends in the shopping mall, by buying clothes or a meal.

In conclusion, shopping malls are appropriate and attractive places for young people to socialise in their free time, while providing concomitant benefits to businesses, which contributes to society. Therefore, I totally disagree with the initial statement and I believe young people ought to be more encouraged to visit shopping malls.

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