Band 6.5 Essay Sample | Technology Will Eventually Replace Teachers In The Classroom

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The presence of technology in the classroom has become more and more apparent and offer students tremendous resources with which to supplement their education. Given time, technology will completely replace traditional teachers in the classroom. Do you agree or disagree?

Band 6.5 essay sample

Technology has been a considerable part of our lives for ages. Especially, the aid it gives in the classroom is undeniable. I believe that conventional teachers will be removed from the classrooms and replaced by developed technology eventually. This argument is going to be proved by analyzing the fact that the amount of information technology can offer in the classroom and also being fast, adaptable and easy to access.

A very important contribution of technology to the classroom and the education system is the tremendous amount of information to offer in every aspect, specifically in the classroom environment. As an example, technological devices can connect and acquire any necessary information through internet any given time and place. Traditional teachers require to do more research to be able to answer any question directed to them. Thus, technology can easily take place of the ordinary teachers on the classroom.

Being adaptable, fast to response and easy to access are milestones of technology for students’ academic success. This is very apparent when any necessary information can be reached by technology very rapidly and without any struggle. Besides, adaptable teaching methods could be used easily by technological devices to target specific kind of students to be taught in an advanced way. For these kind of methods and quick responses, human teachers need to take formidable amount of training and they will be always reliant on technology. As a result if this, traditional teachers can be replaced by technological advancements.

When all the points mentioned above are considered, it is obvious that technology will take place of the conventional teachers because of the amount of information it provides and being adaptable, fast and easy to access. Should teachers want to stay in the race of the future of education system, they will have to offer something unparalleled to the education of young people.

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