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Assume that today’s date is 15 May 2021. You have been Ms Bennet’s GP for two years and have been treating her recently following her hospitalisation for cardiac problems.


Name: Eleanor Bennet

DOB: 06 Dec 1975 (45 y.o.)

Address: 32 Station Road, Oakville

Social background:

Commercial lawyer – frequent international travel

Divorced – 2 daughters (18 & 16 y.o.)

Children live mainly with children’s father (custody currently contested) – Pt reports extreme

stress re worries about quality of father’s childcare

Since 2019 Óalcohol intake from 10 Ò 40 units/wk; smokes 20 cigs/day

BMI 29 (overweight) – little exercise (gym x1/mth)

Family history: Father died 53 y.o. – heart disease

Older brother – mental health problems (2 suicide attempts in last 12 mths)

Medical history:

08 Feb 2021, 0800 hrs

Heart attack at airport after long-haul flight (pain in jaw, nausea, SOB)

Defibrillator applied by first-aider

08 Feb 2021, 0915 hrs

Emergency hospital admission (Oakville General Hospital)

Balloon-expandable stent applied via groin (arm tried initially, artery too small)

15 Feb 2021 Discharged, 4 weeks off work Ò gradual return to work

Mother moved in to give care. Pt reports Óstress (poor relationship)

Medications/treatment on discharge:

Captopril 50mg 2x/day

Atorvastatin 80mg daily

Referral for cardiac rehabilitation sessions – non-attendance

Counselling given re lifestyle changes

Presenting complaint:

15 May 2021 Side effects of captopril – dizziness and light-headedness, headaches, episodes of diarrhoea

Pt reports stress from side effects

Pt requests captopril discontinuation (side effects) – reluctant to start new meds

Plan: Referral to cardiologist re review of meds and ways to encourage lifestyle changes

Writing Task:

Using the information given in the case notes, write a letter of referral to Dr Banerjee, consultant cardiologist.

In your letter, briefly outline Ms Bennet’s history and treatment so far, requesting advice and a review of her

medication. Address your letter to Dr James Banerjee, Consultant Cardiologist, Sanditon City Hospital, Sanditon.

In your answer:

● Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences

● Do not use note form

● Use letter format

The body of the letter should be approximately 180–200 words.

Any answers recorded here will not be marked.

Grade B OET Letter Sample

Dr James Banerjee,

Consultant Cardiologist,

Sanditon City Hospital,


Date: 15 May 2021

Re:  Elenaor Bennet DOB 06/12/1975

Dear Dr Banerjee:

I am writing to refer Ms Bennet, a cardiac patient at my practice, who is concerned about the side effects of her medication.

She had a hospitalization three months ago. Her current cardiac medications need to be reviewed due to the side effects she has been experiencing.

Ms Bennet had a myocardial infarction on 8th Feb 2021 and was urgently treated with balloon-expandable stent at Oakville General Hospital on the same day. She was discharged after one week and advised time off work for one month. Additionally, she was prescribed Captopril 50mg BD and Atorvastatin 80 mg OD. She was also counseled on lifestyle changes and referred to cardiac rehabilitation services.

Ms. Bennet frequently travels abroad and is worried about the quality of care her children receive from her ex-husband.  She exercises infrequently and her current BMI is 29. Recently, she has increased her alcohol consumption to 40 units per week and smokes 20 cigarettes a day.

When she visited my office today Ms Bennet reported symptoms of dizziness, light headedness, headaches and episodic diarrhea due to Captopril and has requested that this drug should be stopped. She is not keen on starting a new medication as she seems overwhelmed by side effects. I will appreciate it if you can review her current treatment chart and  advise changes in her treatment plan.


Dr Vikas Tiwari

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