Average Number Of Hours Worked Per Week

Sample report

The bar graph depicts information about the average number of hours individuals dedicate to their job per week, whereas the pie chart shows the percentage of people suffering from stress-related ailments among various professional groups.

Overall, it can be seen that businessmen spent the most time on their work (70 hours/week) followed by movie producers (60 hours/week) and doctors (50 hours / week). Programmers work more hours than lawyers and chefs. While lawyers work 35 hours/week and chefs work 30 hours/week, programmers work 40 hours/week. Writers work around 45 hours / week.

Work related stress levels are the highest among lecturers and lowest among programmers. While only 5% of programmers suffer from stress related anxiety as much as 25% of lectures are susceptible to it. Stress levels are also low among writers and lawyers with only 8% of them suffering from it. Movie producers (18%) and doctors (15%) are the other two groups more likely to suffer from stress ailments. Stress levels are comparatively low among businessmen with only 11% of them suffering from it.

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