Average Annual Spending Of University Students In 3 Countries | Task 1 Academic Report Sample

The table below gives information about the average annual spending of university students in three different countries.

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Task 1 academic IELTS report sample

The table compares yearly expenditures of students attending university in country A, B and C and breaks down their spending into different categories. It is evident that students of country A spent the most (5000 USD) whereas students of country C spent the least (1500 USD) in a year. For students of country A, the biggest expenditure was accommodation and they spent 45% of their annual spending on this single item. Their spending on food and leisure was the same at 22% each. They spent the least amount of money on books (3%). As for students of country B, they spent the most on accommodation (35%) and least on other expenses (5%). Other major expenses of these students were food (28%) and leisure (23%). The annual spending of students of country C was less than one-third of the annual spending of students of country A. Their biggest expenses were food (36%) and accommodation (30%). They spent considerably more on books (21%) than students of country B (9%) or country A (3%).

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