Art Is Considered An Essential Part Of Cultures Throughout The World | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Art is considered an essential part of all cultures throughout the world. However, these days fewer and fewer people appreciate art and turn their focus to science, technology and business. Why do you think that is? What could be done to encourage more people to take interest in the arts?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Art is a crucial part of cultural heritage. Therefore, across the globe art forms an important element of cultures. However, nowadays, not many people are interested in arts. Actually, the majority of people lean towards subjects like science, technology and business. The main reason behind this is the money earned after learning these subjects as they offer better job prospects. However, this situation can be tackled if authorities take a few measures in association with the general public.

People are losing interest in arts as they do not consider it as a practical subject. In other words, learning art may not help them secure a good job in a multinational company. Many artists struggle to earn their livelihood as compared to those employed in sectors of business and technology. Focusing on subjects other than art is considered as a gateway to success. To illustrate, a recent survey conducted by the Times Magazine has showed that many science graduates get better job offers than art graduates.

However, art is the backbone of our culture. Lack of interest in art will eventually lead to the death of rich cultural heritages across the world. The government can help to revive interest of young generations in art. The authorities should allocate budget for developing art field by constructing art schools and maintaining art galleries. Organising cultural events will generate jobs for many and will attract many tourists. Increase in the number of tourists will help generate more revenue. The better financial prospects will act as a boost for people to pursue art as a passion and a career option.

In conclusion, subjects such as science, technology and business are lucrative in terms of job prospects, but art too can be a source of livelihood. The combined efforts of the government and the people are needed for the survival of art.

Band 8 IELTS essay sample 2

Art is a reflection of culture and plays a vital role in any society. However, these days, people are paying more attention to science and technology than arts. In my opinion, this lack of interest is due to the dearth of job opportunities in the art sector.

Art was popular in the olden days when kings used to shower artists with gifts and money. It is no longer the case. These days, very few people can make a decent living from arts. Of course, a handful of artists are earning astronomical amounts of money but for the rest of artists life is a struggle. Take, for instance, the case of singers. A lot of people can sing very well; however, in any country, there are fewer than 10 popular singers at a time. While these singers can make a lot of money, other unknown singers have to find another job to make a living. Hence, people are showing less interest in arts. Everyone needs to make a living and since sectors like science and commerce offer a lot more job opportunities, people are turning to them.

To motivate people to choose art as a career option, the government can promote programs where artists can showcase their work through exhibitions and live events. This visibility will encourage more people to follow arts. Arts should also be a subject at school so that students can discover their latent artistic talents.  Leveraging the potential of arts as a means to attract tourists is another way to make people interested in arts. The Kerala government, for example, now extensively promotes Kathakali to tourists. This dance form was about to die with no one learning it, but now many people are choosing it as a career.

In conclusion, art is losing popularity because it is not a viable career option. In order to rekindle interest in arts, the government should give various incentives to artists and hold events like art exhibitions.

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6 Responses

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Ma’am, it would be grateful if you could correct the essay given below:

    Art plays an important role in the evolution of cultures and societies. It depicts the tradition and life style of the people in a society that they live. Nowadays, there is a decline in the number of people who appreciate arts as the focus is changed to science, technology and business. This essay discusses the cause for this and suggests some measures to improve the scenario.

    Firstly, one reason for this situation is the emerging technologies that overrides the traditional art forms in today’s world. For example, softwares for digital painting is gaining popularity among young artists, since it is more profitable in terms of money and time. Secondly, unbalanced ratio between expenses and profit made artists to take other jobs inorder to survive in this world. The accessories and equipments became much more expensive and artists are finding it difficult to meet their day-to-day expenses.

    To continue with, one suggestion to change the above mentioned issues is to promote traditional art forms and works by the Government. By organising art festivals and exhibitions both life of artists and economy of the country can be improved. These programs may attract more tourists and may also benefit employability in the country.

    To conclude, eventhough the art is loosing its popularity due to this technical world, there is still a chance to bring it back in society. By promoting artworks done by the fellow artists all around the world and by giving them appropriate rewards can improve the situation. Also, it may help to preserve the traditions and cultures of different societies in this modern world.

  2. simar says:

    Art is an integral part of every country which is representing a culture and tradition. In these days,, people prefer to choose science an technology as a career rather that Arts. I perceive that job opportunities with good salary and reputation in society of every profession are two main reason behind lack of interest towards arts. Although it is quite difficult but numerous steps can be taken by government and an individual to tackle this situation.

    To start it, people believe that they can make a good money by getting engineering and medical degree than arts degree. A jobs like engineering, scientist and doctor has more salary as compared to arts degree holder. Moreover, a profession such as health care worker and scientist has more reputation in field than others. For example, Doctor has a higher rank than any painter and singer or any other art worker in society. Upon that, youngsters perceive that if they want to secure jobs in top or multinational companies then they have to get a degree in science and technology.
    Although it is very difficult to attract youngsters and old age people towards arts, there are number of ways to promote arts. A street plays can be organized by government to aware people about its value and benefits. A competition and events can be organized by higher authorities to attract tourist which helps to increase economy and jobs for local people. Government should spend some funds on historical building to promote tourism so people who are interested in country’s culture, can come to know more about it. These steps will improve country’s economy and culture everywhere.
    In conclusion, despite having less opportunities in arts, government can take some necessary steps to encourage people towards art so it helps country in many ways such as tourism to help economy and keep youngsters in touch with their culture and norms.

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