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Many adults are working from home

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Technology has been developing rapidly and due to these developments, it is easier to work and study from home. In my opinion, this development has beneficial impacts on our lives, although relying completely on it could lead to detrimental consequences.

New age communication technologies have improved people’s lives in a number of ways. Learning or working online means less need to travel and hence better air quality. Thus, it benefits the environment. For example, during the pandemic, many students studied online and it reduced air pollution. Furthermore, the amount of time consumed by travelling to schools or work has been reduced and this is one of the biggest advantages of advanced technology. In other words, people can start working or studying as soon as they are up. By contrast, going to an office or school required a lot of time and preparation. Obviously, technology helps us save a lot of time and trouble,

However, there are some inevitable downsides to technology. Its impact on health is a serious concern now. When people work or study home, they become less active physically and that hurts their health. Therefore, more people are suffering from health problems than in the past. Another disadvantage is that when few people go out, it has disastrous consequences for the economy. The worst affected will be the transport sector. Eateries, shops and other businesses that cater to travelers also get hit.

In conclusion, while it is true that working or learning online benefits us in a number of ways, it may also prove detrimental to our health if we become physically inactive. It could also affect various sectors of the economy which depend on commuters.

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