Annual Remuneration of Doctors and Other Employees

Sample report

The bar chart compares the annual remuneration (in thousands of dollars) of doctors and other employees in seven nations in the year 2014. A glance at the chart reveals that American doctors earned much more than other employees in America or elsewhere. They also earned a lot more than doctors in other countries. First and foremost, a doctor in the US earned $120,000/year and it is much higher than what doctors earned in other countries. The next on the list of countries with the highest remuneration for doctors are France and Switzerland. In both countries, doctors earned 70 thousand dollars per annum. However, other professionals received lower salaries. While in Switzerland they earned around $40,000/year, in France, it was even lower at $30,000/year. Doctors earned decent salaries in Germany, Czech Republic and Italy (around 60,000 dollars/year) but other workers were poorly paid (20,000dollars / year). Finally, Finland offered the lowest salaries to doctors ($50,000/year) and other workers in that country earned half of that.

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