An Increasing Trend Nowadays Is For Young Adults To Play Computer Games | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

An increasing trend nowadays is for young adults to play computer games. Some people say this is a negative development. Discuss and give your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, more youngsters are engaged in online gaming than before. Many people assert that this has a negative impact on the gamer who wastes precious time and resources for this indulgence. However, I do not completely agree with this notion and believe that there are some positive aspects to gaming if it is done within limits. The main reason why people think computer games are bad is that they are addictive. Also, these games waste a lot of time.

Instead of focusing on their careers and other important aspects of their young life, many get diverted and find themselves enslaved by their consoles. Sometimes these games pamper the ego of the gamer. Young people who lack a sense of achievement are also more likely to play these games because reaching higher levels enable them to feel better about themselves and their capabilities. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour certainly does not help and they end up wasting invaluable hours in the virtual world, making them fall behind their peers in the real world.

On the other hand, some benefits can be achieved by playing computer games. Firstly, it improves the reflexes and the strategic thinking capabilities of the user. Skills like eye-hand coordination, resource planning and team play can be improved by playing games and these skills come handy in life. In addition, gaming if taken seriously can be a viable career option and skilled gamers can be employed by multinational companies as testers and they can also win online gaming tournaments. Many professional gamers earn a handsome living by participating in international tournaments around the globe. Thus, if done sensibly and thoughtfully gaming could very well be a lucrative career option.

To conclude, the growing popularity of gaming among young adults is a matter of concern because it may have serious consequences when it becomes an obsession. Youngsters need to understand that they have a life and career outside of the virtual need and limit the amount of time spend playing games.

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