An Increasing Number Of Professionals Such As Doctors And Teachers Are Leaving Their Poor Countries To Work In Developed Countries | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

An increasing number of professionals such as doctors and teachers, are leaving their own poorer countries to work in developed countries. What problems does it cause? What solutions can you suggest to deal with this situation?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Migration of highly skilled workers is a bane for developing or underdeveloped countries. This is mainly because the loss of qualified workforce leads to the stagnation of development in these countries. There are a number of solutions that can be implemented to deal with brain drain from poor countries.

Firstly, the main problem associated with brain drain / the migration of skilled workers is that poorer countries need them to grow economically. This is to say there are various areas like healthcare and technology, where these countries need to develop themselves and they fail due to shortage of manpower. To illustrate, Nigeria has an underdeveloped healthcare sector due to shortage of qualified doctors leading to under development in other industries. Secondly, if the rate of brain drain is not tackled poor countries will become poorer while strong economies will take advantage of it. First world nations have already peaked their development. It is poor countries that require more human resources to create wealth for their citizens.

There are two effective solutions to deal with this problem. One way to discourage brain drain is through rewarding and recognizing talent. This is because with good pay they can enjoy a good lifestyle similar to what developed countries offer and through recognition they will be widely accoladed for their contributions to society. Another solution is providing these prodigies with a special status in the country. Through this status they will feel that their presence is highly respected and required in their own country than others. One clear example is the recognition given to Indian Army through tax breaks, subsidized housing and government aid for children’s education.

To conclude, when the qualified labour moves to other countries it costs a poor nation its economic development and monetary growth. This can be tackled by extensively recognizing their talent with good salaries, awards and granting them special stature.

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