An Increasing Number Of People Are Now Using Dating Sites To Meet Their Better Halves | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

An increasing number of people are now using dating sites to meet their better halves. Do you think that this tendency helps people to socialize or does more harm than good? Give your opinion. Provide relevant examples if necessary.

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Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

In this era of technology, several mobile and internet applications have become popular among the people. As a result, a major share of the population is exploring various websites to find their soul mates. In my opinion, this trend is largely positive provided that users exercise caution.

Obviously, such websites act as a channel of communication for interested parties. To elaborate, people can have various sort of communication such as text messages, voice calls and video interactions; therefore these platforms make geographical and cultural barriers irrelevant. Tinder, one of the most popular online social websites, enshrines these features, and serves as a channel for finding potential partners and bonding with them. Therefore, it is an undeniable fact that the versatility of such cyber platforms is noteworthy.

To continue, these sites allow people to share their preferences and fantasies with others, which cannot be expressed publicly. Therefore, people can effortlessly search for partners who share their interests. For example, even though homo-sexuality is   legalized in many nations, it is difficult for homosexual people to find suitable partners using conventional channels. It is possible through these sites. Hence, the opportunity to express personal preferences makes these platforms popular with people.

In conclusion, although dating sites have features that make them prone to misuse, they are still popular among people because of their intrinsic features which enable a user to express their intimate feelings without having to worry about getting judged. In my opinion, these apps are beneficial as long as users use commonsense and do not trust anyone blindly.

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  1. Talwinder says:

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    To start with, the major cause of altered sleep pattern is stress. In this fast pace world, an individual has to achieve success in the desired profession to live a better life. Therefore, a person have to pursue good education and find an occupation or set up a business. While endeavouring to accomplish these goals an individual deals with a lot of stress that leads to insomnia. The second cause of this problem is advancement in technology. Nowadays, there are ample of gadgets which attracts almost all the groups. These devices contain many applications that can indulge a person for 24 hours. Moreover, internet also contributes to this problem as it is the source of entertainment and people use it before going to bed on their mobile phones and waste their sleeping time.
    Furthermore, sleeping less than 7 hours can cause various health issues. Scientists have proven that less sleep can lead to neurological problems such as demensia and amnesia. In addition, if a person have not slept enough he will feel tired and irritable for the day. Sleeping less also have bad impacts on society. If a person is sleepless, he can potentially be irritable or may have bad temper, this will make him unsociable. Moreover, children can imitate him and show ill behavior in the society.

    To conclude, having less sleep than normal has become common in this era. However, this has many negative effects on individual and society. Thus, masses should maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating and sleeping well so that they can become a good example for the next generation.

    • ielts practice says:

      This is a good essay. Make sure that your verbs agree with the subjects. That means you need a plural verb after a plural subject and a singular verb after a singular subject. This seems band 7 to me.

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