An Increasing Number Of People Are Buying What They Need Online | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

An increasing number of people are buying what they need online. What are the advantages and disadvantages for both individuals and companies to shopping online?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Online retail business has witnessed a boom over the last decade and now a days, a growing number of people are shopping from online stores instead of purchasing from physical stores. The major benefits of online shopping for customer are the convenience and time saving and for companies it saves millions of dollars that were spent in the past on the construction of stores. However, online shopping has drawbacks as well in the form of online fraud for both the customer and the vendor.

The online shopping experience is more convenient and saves a lot of time of buyers because they are not required to visit a particular store to purchase a specific item. Whatever they need could be bought while sitting at home without any interruption from sales representatives. Companies are also finding this trend encouraging due to the reason that they are able to save the expenses they could have incurred on the construction of their stores. Hence, it becomes quite evident that online retail is advantageous for customers for its hassle free experience and companies also save a huge sum of money by not constructing their stores.

On the other hand, online fraud has emerged as the biggest drawback of purchasing from online market places. There are still people in huge numbers that do not trust the products sold by online websites because in a few cases customers have received duplicate products. This has created a trust deficit between the customer and the supplier. Along with this, companies also remain under a constant threat of network breach which could potentially hack their entire website.

To sum up, It is quiet true that people are inclining towards online shopping instead of conventional shopping, due to the better buying experience and time efficiency and also it has helped the companies save funds that they could have been spent on building the physical stores.  However, online shopping has certain drawbacks like fraud and cyber threat which affect the customer and companies respectively.

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