An Increasing Number Of Children Are Overweight Which Could Result In Problems When They Grow Up | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

An increasing number of children are overweight which could result in many problems when they grow older both in terms of their health and health care costs. Why do you think so many children are overweight?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

It is true that the number of obese children is increasing in the modern society. As a result, those children are more likely to deal with health and financial issues in their adulthood. I opine that this phenomenon is coupled with the advancement of technology.

First, the advanced technology enables us to produce a variety of foods. People have become busier than ever in the modernized society and they tend to spend less time preparing their own food with natural ingredients. The easy availability of numerous prep meals or processed foods, which are produced based on the novel technology in this field, bolstered this trend. Unfortunately, those foods contain insufficient nutrition and surplus of calories. They have tremendous effects on people’s weight and health, especially children’s. They are impressionable beings; thus, when they are exposed to poor quality of foods, they just enjoy the foods as long as the flavours are satisfying.

Second, the development of technology nudges people towards the sedentary lifestyle. Another cause of weight gain is that children are always glued to one screen or the other. Young generation, in particular, has a tendency to spend their pastime on these screens. By doing so, they cut down on their physical activities and have been gaining more weight than they need.

In conclusion, it is evident that more and more children suffer from childhood obesity, which could trigger health and financial problems later in their life. I content that technology is the main culprit here encouraging the sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food habits.

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  1. Rajinder Sandhu says:

    Obesity is one of the fundamental problems in today’s youth, dimming the prospects of building healthy adults. While there may be several reasons for this problem, in my opinion unhealthy eating habits coupled with the lack of exercises and stress are the root causes.
    One of the primary reasons for this looming problem is the unhealthy lifestyle. Nowadays, children have special predilection for the junk foods in comparison to the homemade diets. This has been evident from the increase in the sale of junk foods from last two years. Furthermore, though parents know the benefits of homemade foods, due to their full-time jobs they are not able to prepare all the meals at home. As a result, children are forced to have ready-to-eat meals which increases their probability of getting overweight. Additionally, the advertisements of junk foods depicting them as healthy foods also influences children to have them.
    The secondary reason is the lack of exercises and increased stress in the juveniles. With the advancements of modern technology, children have become screen-obsessed and do not prefer to play outdoor sports. A prime example of this fact is the decrease in number of children playing in the parks as compared to the last generation. At the same time, the level of competition in the studies has resulted in students not adopting exercises in their daily routine. For instance, a study conducted in India revealed that students of class 5th to 10th have 50% more stress than their parents in the same class. It is also scientific proven that stress can increase glucose levels which can cause obesity.
    In conclusion, obesity in the youth is irrevocably tied to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise, and stress.

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