All and every

Every is used with a singular noun. All is used with a plural noun. The verb that follows every should be singular in number. The verb that follows all should be plural in number.

  • Incorrect: Every children need love.
  • Correct: Every child needs love.
  • Incorrect: All the light was out.
  • Correct: All the lights were out.

Before a pronoun or a noun with a determiner (e.g. the, my this), we use every one of. Note that the noun or pronoun used after every one of should be plural in number. The following verb should be singular. Plural verbs are possible in a less careful style. However, while writing your IELTS essay, you must observe the rules.

  • Every one of us has problems. (NOT Every one of us have problems.)
  • Every one of the boys has handed in his work.
  • Every one of the children was singing.

Before a pronoun or a noun with a determiner, we use all of. Note that all of is followed by a plural noun / pronoun and plural verb.

  • All of them were excited.
  • All of the children were singing.

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