Air Travel Should Be Restricted Because It Causes Pollution | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that air travel should be restricted because it can cause environment pollution. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and relevant examples. Give reasons for your explanations and use any relevant examples from your own life.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Since air travel causes environmental pollution some people insist that it should be restricted. However, I do not agree with this view because other modes of transportation also emit poisonous gases into the atmosphere and affect air quality. Hence by simply restricting air travel we cannot reduce pollution.

Air travel certainly causes air pollution; however, discouraging it is not the solution to this problem because any such move will have disastrous consequences on the economy. If air travel is restricted, it will have a massive impact on the travel and tourism industry. Since this sector employs tens of thousands of people, any decision that affects it will have a negative impact global economy. International tourism is the main source of revenue for many developing and developed countries in the world. If air travel is banned or restricted, it will mean that international tourists will have to depend on alternative means of transport. Since water transport is extremely slow many of them will simply give up their plan to visit foreign countries. Consequently, many people who depend on tourism will lose their living.

What’s more, air travel is not the only cause of pollution. Cars, buses and trucks cause as much pollution as aeroplanes. Therefore, by simply discouraging air travel, we cannot achieve any real improvement in air quality. A better solution is to invest in greener sources of fuels.

To conclude, the argument that air travel should be restricted because it causes air pollution does not hold much water for the simple reason that other means of transport also pollute the air. If improving air quality is our goal, investing in greener sources of energy is the solution.

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  1. Anum says:

    hello ! please check my essay and give me band score.

    We belong to the modern era which includes highly equipped houses and advanced modes of transportation. Air travel is one of the latest and comfortable way of transport. Since we came to know that airplanes cause air pollution, many of us think that it should be restricted. However, I disagree with this point of view. I believe that airplanes are not a sole source of pollution. Cars, buses, trains, motorbikes, and trucks also take part in polluting our atmosphere.

    It is very unjust if we say that air travel is only a cause of environmental pollution. Other vehicles also emit poisonous gases which are dangerous for our health. if air travel is restricted, it will have many negative consequences on the global economy and tourism. To illustrate this, thousands of air line’s and airport’s employees will lose their jobs and the tourism sector will suffer as some countries earn revenues only through tourism. As we know that other modes of traveling are very time consuming and tiring e.g, water travel by ships or travel by road, which is a quite difficult and no one wants to adopt such challenging way to travel. Consequently, many people who depend on tourism will lose hope of earning good money.

    Moreover, we cannot hear the noise of airplanes when they are flying high in contrast to cars or buses as they are one of the biggest cause of noise pollution. While traveling through roads we often face a traffic jam which is quite distressing situation but while traveling through airplanes no one can experience traffic congestion. Discouraging air travel is not a solution to clean our environment as it is already in our knowledge that busses, cars, and trucks are the biggest source of pollution. The only solution to this condition is, encourage to use bicycles and plant more and more trees to make our environment green and clean.

    To conclude, many people think that air travel is an only cause of pollution and it should be banned. But it is not an appropriate way to improve the quality of our atmosphere. if we want to improve air quality than investing more in the green source of the energy is a solution.

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