Advertising Discourages People From Being Different Individuals By Making Us All Want To Do The Same

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Nowadays the promotion of different products has increased largely due to modern technology. It is argued that advertisements discourage people from being unique as it makes them all want to do the same things. However, I do not quite agree with this view. People might follow the same trends and wear the same kind of clothes; however, advertising cannot really suppress the individuality of people.

It is true that adverts have made people want to own the same kind of things. If we look around, we can see that people all over the world now wear the same kind of clothes, they follow the same fashion, eat the same kind of foods and watch or listen to the same kind of music. Obviously, there is a great deal of similarity among people these days.

This, however, does not mean that adverts have destroyed the unique behaviours and characters of people. For example, people might wear the same kind of dress everywhere; however, the way they carry off that dress is different from person to person. We can dress up twins in similar attire but we cannot control how they conduct themselves at home or in various social circumstances. Appearance alone does not define the personality of an individual. It is just one of the many factors that make up what we are and adverts have no real control over those factors. So, obviously, people are different in their own ways. In addition, adverts cannot control how people would use a product although they can inspire everyone to buy the same products. For example, some might use a laptop for getting their work done whereas others may use it for watching videos or playing games..

To conclude, adverts have certainly made people look similar; however, they have not been able to take away the unique traits or behaviours of people. Hence, I firmly disagree with the argument that advertisements discourage people from being unique.

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