Admission Essay Writing

The essay is the most important part of your college application. A good admission essay will show officers who you are and provide additional information about yourself that you could not include in other areas of your application.

Here are some admission essay writing tips.

Choose a topic you are interested in

Take a creative approach and share your personal story and thoughts. Your essay is a great place to reveal more information about yourself. Don’t just focus on the plus points of the particular college you are interested in joining or the amount of hard work you are willing to do. There is no harm in including those details, but your essay should have more information as well.

Keep your focus personal and narrow

You are not supposed to discuss too many topics in your admission essay. Focus on just one or two aspects of yourself. When the admission officers read your essay, they should be able to find out more information about who you are.

Write a compelling introduction

Your introduction should not only be interesting but also show the focus of your essay. By just reading your introduction someone should be able to tell what your essay is about.

Develop your ideas with specific details, examples and reasons

Avoid overly formal language and technical jargon. Use your own voice. Don’t borrow phrases or ideas from other students’ essays. Admission officers get to read countless essays. They can easily figure out whether your ideas are borrowed or your own. Write about real experiences that left an imprint on your mind.

Get your essay proofread by a parent or teacher

Don’t submit your essay before proofreading it. Also don’t expect your spell-checker to identify all spelling mistakes in your essay. Proofread your essay yourself and then ask a friend or teacher to read it for you.

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