Acrid, acrimony and acrimonious | IELTS vocabulary

If something is unpleasantly bitter and fiery, then it is acrid. This word was coined by an English chemist who was thinking of a word that meant bitter and fiery. Acrimonious and acid were the two words that came to his mind. He combined them and the result was acrid.

Acrid synonyms: harsh, sharp, pungent, bitter, sharp, nasty, acrimonious, sarcastic, caustic, smelly, stinging etc.
Acrid antonyms: aromatic, fragrant, gentle, sweet, compassionate etc.

  • He is a political cartoonist known for his acrid sense of humour.
  • The minister’s acrid remarks about the opposition leader resulted in nationwide protests.
  • When rubber burns, it gives off acrid smoke.

Acrimonious (adjective)

Acrimonious can mean bitter, venomous, peevish, sarcastic, spiteful, rancorous, corrosive, sour etc.

  • The two brothers are involved in an acrimonious property dispute.
  • You may not like my decision but don’t be acrimonious about it.

Acrimony (noun)

Acrimony means hard feelings, ill will, bitterness, animosity, hostility, rancor etc.

  • The estate that the two brothers inherited from their parents led to bitter acrimony between them.

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