Accident and acclaim | IELTS vocabulary


Accident can mean chance, luck, good fortune, fortuity etc.

  • Columbus discovered America by chance.
  • He became an artist by accident.

Accident can also mean crash, collision, mishap, piece of misfortune etc.

  • He died in a car accident.
  • People rushed to the scene of accident.

Accidental (adjective)

Accidental can mean unplanned, unintentional, uncalculated, unforeseen, unexpected, fortuitous etc.

  • Our meeting was purely accidental.

Acclaim (verb)

To acclaim is to praise, cheer, hail, laud, extol, exalt, honour or celebrate.

  • Critics acclaimed his latest book.
  • Her performance was widely acclaimed.

Acclaim (noun)

As a noun, acclaim means approval, acclamation, rejoicing and similar ideas.

  • The new project was greeted with acclaim.

Acclaim antonyms: criticize, denounce, condemn, disapprove etc.

Acclamation (noun)

Acclamation can mean ovation, cheering, shout of approval, plaudits, tribute etc.

  • The performers received an acclamation from the crowd.

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