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To accept is to take something offered or to receive something willingly.

  • She accepted his invitation to dance.
  • She accepted his apology.
  • The police did not accept his version of the story.

Accept can also mean assume, undertake, bear, admit, acknowledge etc.

  • The captain accepted full responsibility for the dismal performance of his team.

Antonyms of accept

Refuse, decline, reject, spurn, deny, disavow etc.

  • She refused his invitation. (= She did not accept his invitation.)
  • She rejected his proposal.

Accept and except

These expressions are often confused.

  • To accept is to take something offered.

Study the examples given below.

  • She accepted the job offer.
  • He accepted her apology.
  • He accepted the gift.

Except means ‘with the exception of’.

  • I like everyone except you. (= I don’t like you but I like everyone else.)
  • Everyone came except for James. (= James did not come; everyone else came.)


To expect something is to look forward to it or anticipate it.

  • We expect to win the first prize.
  • The nation expects everyone to do their duty.

Acceptable (adjective)

If something is acceptable, it is worthy, good, agreeable, proper or satisfactory.

  • He said that the contract was not acceptable to him.
  • His grades were acceptable; even so he didn’t get admission.

Antonyms: unacceptable, unsatisfactory, unsuitable etc

Acceptance (noun)

Acceptance means reception, receiving, accepting, taking etc.

  • Einstein’s Theory of Relativity took several years to gain acceptance.

Acceptance antonyms: rejection, refusal, rejection, disapproval etc.

Accepted (verb)

Accepted means acceptable, approved, established, common, normal, regular, customary etc.

  • Camels are the accepted means of transportation in the desert.

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