Academic word list: approach and area

Approach (verb)

Meaning: come near or nearer to

Approach can be used both transitively and intransitively.

  • The rainy season is approaching. (Intransitive)
  • He is approaching manhood. (Transitive)
  • We were approaching our destination.

Approach can also mean ‘go to somebody with a request or offer’.

  • I have approached my boss for higher pay.
  • He approached me with a strange demand.

Approach (noun)

As a noun approach means ‘the act of approaching’. It can also mean ‘way to a place, person or thing’.

  • The approaches to the building were all guarded by soldiers.
  • He takes a strange approach to every problem.
  • The stranger’s approach frightened the boys.


Complete the following sentences using appropriate forms of approach.

1. There is no easy ————————- to the terrace.

2. The winter is ————————–

3. I was ————————- by him to serve as his secretary.

4. She ————————- me with a warm smile.


1. There is no easy approach to the terrace.

2. The winter is approaching.

3. I was approached by him to serve as his secretary.

4. She approached me with a warm smile.

Area (noun)

An area is a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary. It is usually distinguished by its nature or geography.

  • It was a mountainous area.
  • Molecular biology is his area of specialization.
  • The desert areas of North Africa are nearly inhabitable.
  • The plot has an area of two hundred square feet.
  • He has bought a field ten acres in area.

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