Abandon as a verb, noun and adjective

Abandon (verb)

To abandon someone is to leave them behind, desert or forsake.

  • She abandoned her children and eloped with her lover.
  • Someone had abandoned the child on the doorstep.

To abandon a project is to discontinue it.

  • They abandoned the project for lack of funds.

Synonyms of abandon: desert, forsake, leave, withdraw, quit, relinquish, renounce, abdicate etc.

Antonyms of abandon: claim, keep, hold, maintain, continue, maintain etc.


Abandon (noun)

Abandon can mean unrestraint, recklessness, gusto, immoderation or enthusiasm.

  • The children danced with abandon.

Antonyms: moderation, tameness, control, restraint

Abandoned (adjective)

Abandoned means deserted, vacant, unoccupied, or neglected

  • The abandoned house was in ruins.

An abandoned life is a shameless, degraded or sinful life.

  • He led an abandoned life when he was young and energetic.

Synonyms of abandoned: rejected, left behind, discarded, vacant, forsaken, unoccupied, cast aside, cast away

Antonyms of abandoned: occupied, claimed, kept, well-kept, upright, reputable, moral, chaste, sinless, reformed, pure etc.

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