A Rise In The Standard Of Living In A Country Often Only Seems To Benefit Cities Rather Than Rural Areas | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

A rise in the standard of living in a country often only seems to benefit cities rather than rural areas. What problems can this cause? How might these problems be reduced?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Increasing living standards of a nation often benefit only the urban areas. I think this might create problems in cities as more and more people will want to live there because of the facilities available. Unfortunately, it leads to overcrowding and pollution. / Unfortunately, this migration makes cities overcrowded and polluted. I think the government should take the responsibility to develop hinterlands, so that all services/facilities become available there as well and people do not have to move to cities.

Cities offer jobs and that is why people flock to them. When more and more people live in a city, more facilities will be built to cater to their needs. This, in turn, will encourage even more people from suburbs to move to the cities. Unfortunately, this migration affects the livability of large metros. For example, the population of Delhi, the capital city of India grew twice as much as the population of nearby small towns during the last few decades. This has caused Delhi to become densely populated and highly polluted. As millions of people live in a small area, traffic jams occur almost every day.

Ensuring even development of the whole country is the only solution to this problem. The government has to take the initiative to create employment opportunities in villages, so that people do not move to large cities in search of jobs. When more people live in villages, development will obviously reach there as companies will compete with one another to cater to their needs. Another solution is to improve connectivity between villages and cities. For example, recently, the government of India has been building several Express Highways and new railways to reduce the travel time from villages to urban areas. If people can easily travel from their native place to cities, they are more likely to commute daily than stay in the city.

In conclusion, it is a fact that people in cities benefit the most from increase in living standards and this causes migration to cities. One possible solution is for the government to ensure that jobs are available in rural areas. Additionally, the government can develop infrastructure to increase connectivity between rural and urban areas.

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