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A rise in the standard of living in a country often only seems to benefit cities rather than rural areas. What problems can this cause? How might these problems be reduced?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

As a country progresses, the standard of living increases. This change in the living standard is usually uneven with city population getting more benefits than rural population. This disparity can lead to problems and hence it should be addressed as soon as possible.

The first and foremost problem caused by uneven development is the exodus of rural population to cities. Everyone wants to live a comfortable life with modern amenities. In order to earn money to afford that lifestyle, people often move to the cities where plenty of job opportunities are available. Unfortunately, this mass migration causes crowding in cities and affects the living standards there. The population explosion leads to poor sanitation in cities and can even worsen air pollution. Another problem is the shortage of homes and open spaces in cities. It leads to traffic congestion too. By contrast, if growth is even no one will want to move out of their native place.

Ensuring even growth throughout the country is the only solution and it is the responsibility of the government. The government needs to ensure that development is not confined to cities. It has to create more job opportunities in the villages. For example, the government can give industries various incentives to start their offices and factories in the countryside. This will discourage rural people from moving to urban areas. Also, to cater to the needs of this rural population, better schools, hospitals and roads will also come up there. This everyone will get to benefit from improved standards of living.

To summarize, when development remains confined to urban areas, rural people will be forced to move there causing crowding in cities. In order to ensure that everyone can enjoy better standard of living, the government has to focus on job creation in the countryside. People will not leave a place if jobs are available there.

A rise in the standard of living in a country often only seems to benefit cities rather than rural areas – Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It has been observed that only urban areas benefit from modern facilities when a country achieves economic growth. This trend may lead to a plethora of problems and these issues can be resolved by taking necessary measures by the people as well as the government.

To begin with, high living standards of urban areas fascinate the people to settle in the cities making these areas overcrowded. As a result of this, it becomes challenging for the individuals to acquire jobs, avail accommodation and other facilities. Furthermore, overcrowding in the cities leads to air pollution as the number of vehicles plying on the roads increases. Apart from this, deforestation is another major issue arising / that arises due to the requirement of living as well as working places in the urban areas. Hence, the availability of more facilities only in urban areas leads to disastrous effects on the environment.

To cope up with these pressing issues in the cities, the government requires spreading awareness about the consequences of the deforestation as well as high level of air pollution. The people should be motivated to plant more and more trees and stringent rules should be imposed to protect the trees. Moreover, implementing odd-even rule that allows only even or odd number vehicles to run on the road and encouraging the people to prefer the car pool should be a prudent approach. Individuals should also play an imperative role in protecting the environment as they need to follow the respective rules and regulations regarding environment protection.

The government also needs to create more job opportunities in the villages. They should also build good educational institutions. If people can find jobs in their native place they will not move to cities and when they continue to live in their villages, facilities will start becoming available there as well.

In conclusion, overpopulation in the cities may lead to irreversible effects on the environment and can cause difficulty for the people to earn a living. However, if the government and the people join hands, they can mitigate these issues to a great extent and achieve even development throughout the country.

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