A Poor Infrastructure Hinders Under Developed Countries From Progressing

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Most developing countries fail to grow beyond a certain level because of the lack of adequate infrastructure. Hence, some people argue that foreign assistance should be primarily used to tackle this problem. I partly agree with this idea. While I do admit that infrastructure is important, it is not the only factor determining the success of a nation.

One of the main problems that plague developing and underdeveloped countries is the lack of adequate infrastructure. For example, many of them do not have a good network of roads or railways. Likewise, they do not have enough power supplies or water distribution systems. Needless to say, foreigners do not want to invest in such countries.

Infrastructure development requires a great deal of capital. Since poor countries cannot afford to invest that kind of money, they have to struggle with inadequate infrastructure. Unfortunately, this limits their growth prospects. Developed countries are unlikely to invest in developing countries that do not have good infrastructure. That explains why foreign investors are bullish on countries like China where they have excellent infrastructure conducive for growth. By contrast, few entrepreneurs want to invest in African countries where the infrastructure hardly exists. Needless to say, while China is on the path to growth, African nations are still struggling. Hence, the argument that foreign assistance should be primarily used for building infrastructure certainly holds some water.

Even so, it is preposterous to utilize the entire aid received from abroad for building infrastructure. Good infrastructure alone will not ensure the development of nation. Along with infrastructure, a nation needs healthy and educated citizens capable of giving back to the society. For this reason, it is important to invest in areas such as education and health. In addition to building schools and hospitals the government must ensure that quality education and healthcare are provided at these places for free or at affordable rates. Social welfare schemes should also be given a push.

In conclusion, I contend that infrastructure development is certainly important and a certain portion of the foreign assistance should be used for this purpose. However, it is equally important to invest in key human development areas such as education, healthcare and social welfare.

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