A Long Prison Term Is Not Good As Other Methods | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

A long prison term as a way of punishing those who break the law is not as good as other methods. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Awarding prison sentences has long been regarded as an effective method to fight crime. I agree with the argument / view / opinion that it can be a good approach, although we should also consider other useful correctional methods.   

Imprisonment can considerably reduce crime in society, because such a punishment has deterrent effects on offenders. Being sentenced to prison means that people lose freedom they are entitled to as a law-abiding person. They are not able to keep in touch with their loved ones, including family and friends, so they tend to feel lonely and isolated in prison. Since most people cannot bear this consequence of breaking the law, they are less likely to commit crimes.

While it is true that this harsh penalty is effective at curbing crime, there are even better approaches such as community service. Unlike prison sentences, the community service can rehabilitate minor offenders by isolating them from possible negative influence that they could be exposed to in jail. Hence, drunk drivers or shop lifters will not have opportunities to befriend serious criminals. Instead, they will constantly receive education through various rehabilitation programs to realize how their behaviors have caused problems to communities, and this will encourage them to reform themselves. Another benefit of the community service sentence is that it can help many people, especially young offenders, to get reintegrated into the society.

The major reason for junior delinquency in many parts of the world is poverty, which is a result of the lack of education in these areas. Because these deprived children have not received education that teaches them how to distinguish right from wrong, they are likely to commit crimes. If they engage in lectures and events organized by governments, they can understand moral principles and improve their skills, helping them find employment when they enter society.

In conclusion, while imprisonment is a good way to control crime rates in society, community services can also work as an effective reform method.

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