A Large Number Of People Are Being Killed In Road Accidents Every Year | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

A large number of people are being killed in road accidents every year. Why do so many accidents occur? Make recommendations that would help to reduce the number of road accidents

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Every year many people die in road accidents. I think the main causes of road accidents are over speeding and drunk driving. In my opinion, the most effective ways to reduce road accidents are to heavily penalize violators of traffic laws and increase the driving age.

Speed kills. We have come across this warning on many highways. Yet, it is ironic that even after seeing such messages, many people still drive above the recommended speed limits. It causes a lot of accidents as vehicles cannot stop instantly. Drunk driving is another major cause. When people drive under influence, they cannot use their cognitive abilities effectively and hence they are more like to have accidents.

Enforcing strict traffic laws is definitely the most effective solution. People who drink and drive should be penalized heavily and their driving license should be revoked. Increasing the driving age will also help. If we read newspaper reports, we can see that most people who die in accidents are teenagers. They are rash and often lose control of themselves when they get behind the wheel. Building separate lanes for two-wheelers and widening roads will also prove effective.  Such measures will make roads less congested and reduce the chances of collision. The government also needs to create awareness campaigns about the dangers of driving in the wee hours or when tired.

In conclusion, accidents are increasing due to rash driving and poor quality roads. Enforcing strict laws that prevent drunk and rash driving  and increasing the age at which people can start driving are some measures that might help.

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