Some people believe that visitors to other countries should follow local customs and behaviour. Others disagree and think that the host country should welcome cultural differences.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

People often debate whether or not tourists should respect the culture and traditions of the country they visit. While some people think that they should others opine that the people of the host country should accept cultural differences. This essay will discuss both sides in depth and give my opinion.

Some people think that visitors ought to follow the traditional ways of life and cultural values of the indigenous people and they should pay respect to the local cultural perspectives. They claim that visitors should try to assimilate the culture of the host country and this can be done by learning about their ideas and views of life prior to their visit. This would also save them from culture shock.

For instance, a recent survey showed that native Australians would highly appreciate it if visitors paid respect to their sacred places. Similarly western people when visiting Asian countries should try to dress up accordingly. Following local culture and behaviours would create a sense of love and respect and as a result tourists would also be able to learn and explore more.

Others believe that local inhabitants of the host country should accept and welcome tourists with different cultural backgrounds. They argue that different traditions and different lifestyles would help promote diversity in an area. The diversity of the cultures also makes a place a popular tourist attraction. As a result, tourism would grow and the economy of the country would flourish. Take London, for example. Londoners accept people with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds and this has made it a rich and diverse cosmopolitan city.

Locals also need to understand that visitors have a different culture and perspective. It is not ethical of them to expect the visitor to behave exactly like them. Once they realize that cultural differences are normal, they can receive the visitors will open arms. Another thing that the natives need to understand is that tourism benefits them more than the visitors. Countries that appreciate cultural differences tend to attract more international visitors and have more robust economies.

To conclude, cultural differences are normal and this is something that both natives and visitors need to understand. Foreigners should make a conscious effort to follow local customs and traditions when they are abroad. At the same time, locals should not expect the foreigner to behave exactly like them or to have the same worldview.

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