You Want To Sell Your Television | Band 8 IELTS Letter Sample

You want to sell your television. You think a friend of yours might like to buy it from you. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

  • Explain why you are selling the television.
  • Describe the television.
  • Suggest a date when your friend can come and see it.

Here is a band 8 IELTS letter on this topic? Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me.

Band 8 IELTS letter sample

Hi Deepthi,

Hope you and your family are doing good. Just writing to let you know that I’m selling my television because our family will be moving to Canada next month. I thought you might be interested in buying the TV because it is the model you were looking for previously.

It is an android 55-inch OLED TV and the brand name is Sony. I bought this one year ago and we have hardly used it. It is still in brand new condition and the technology used in this is advanced. It has inbuilt Chromecast, Netflix as well as Amazon prime apps. The only thing you should have is an internet connection and you can enjoy all movies and dramas.

If you are interested to buy, please visit my house on next Monday to check the functioning as well as the appearance of the TV. I am also available on that day as I have no other commitment for that day.

Warm regards


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5 Responses

  1. Janet says:

    Good and briefy essy

    Thank you

  2. sara says:

    dear Susan ,
    I hope you are doing, its a shame that we missed each other on Skype so i thought i would write you a letter .
    As you know life is quite hectic at the moment as i am about to travel,unfortunately i cant take my new LG television with me as its quite big and wont fit in my luggage, so i thought you might be interested in buying it .

    As i mentioned before the television is quite new as i bought it last month , its a large 65 inch class TV , so your favorite shows will become larger than life experience filled with vibrant color ,deep black and stunning detail , it also has a USB port where you can plug a USB device and watch all your favorite movies .

    If you are interested you can come over to my place to see it , i am available every day after 3 pm but please make it before Thursday ,so that if you are not interested i can sell it to other friends ,
    cant wait to see you ,
    love ,

  3. Barinder says:

    Dear John,

    How you doing buddy? Hope your exam preparation is going well. I remember you were searching for a television for your bedroom. Well, I’m selling my household stuff and you can buy it from me.

    As you know that I’m moving to Sydney next week and don’t know when will be able to return. So, I’ve decided to sell my items like refrigerator, washing machine and television, because these products become unusable if not used regularly.

    I bought it from Amazon about a year back and must say it’s a great product. This is full HD smart television from Sony with lot of connectivity options and 3D sound. I’ve got 24 months replacement warranty which means that there are no risks involved.

    If you think that this is the right model for you, you can visit my apartment on 4th April and have a demo of it. You can take it the same day and you’re my bestie, I can give it to you for Rs. 5000. By this, we can meet and I can say last goodbye to you.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Stay happy,