University Students Often Focus On One Subject | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

University students often focus on one subject. However some people think that universities should encourage a range of other subjects. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is indeed true that most of the time university students pay attention to a particular subject. However, some people put forth the argument that the universities should also encourage students to learn a variety of subjects. While I admit to a certain extent that it is beneficial to have knowledge of various / multiple subjects, I believe that providing attention to one particular subject helps to attain specialization and expertise in that particular stream.

It is undeniable that providing utmost attention to a single subject would help the individuals to attain perfection in that. This is because students will spend most of their time studying and reading the relevant material. As a result, they will gain deeper knowledge / understanding of that subject. For example, the majority of the students admitted to an engineering college turn out to be engineers, scientists or researchers. Furthermore, focusing entirely on a single subject eliminates the chance of distraction among the students which is more likely to happen in case wider choices are available to them. To illustrate, some students do not possess a clear mindset when they take admission to colleges. Hence, if they have only a limited choice of subjects it does not create confusion in their minds about what subject to opt for.

On the other hand, if university students learned a lot of subjects, they will have a decent understanding of a variety of subjects. This is useful for someone who has no intention of finding a specialist job. However, if a person wants to be a doctor or a lawyer, they need in-depth understanding of those subjects and it is not practically possible for them to learn several subjects at school. For example, a student aspiring to be a doctor or an engineer does not have to learn history or geography at college.

In conclusion, though pursuing multiple subjects at university enables students to have a broad understanding of all of those subjects, in my opinion, it is important for them to focus on just one or two subjects to gain in depth knowledge and specialization.

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