The Nuclear Family Is Well Adapted To Moving Due To Its Size | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

The nuclear family is well adapted to moving due to its size. Do you think children benefit in any way from moving? Do you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Shifting to a new environment is common is common for nuclear families in the contemporary society. There are various reasons behind the relocation and children will always benefit if their family escapes from a bad living situation. In this situation, the benefits are more significant.

Escaping from a bad living situation, such as war and persecution, is always beneficial for the children. For example, for some refugees who are living in an unsafe environment in Iraq, shifting to Australia seems like grasping at straws and it will always bring them a range of benefits. Children will not be troubled by the war and they can receive better education and health care resources. Also, families’ living standard will improve dramatically if they can live in a safe environment. Parents can find better job opportunities and they can purchase whatever they like with increased disposable incomes.

One major downside of this shifting for children is the loss of friends. If families are moving constantly to new places, it is rather difficult for children to maintain their friendship. As a result, children may live in isolation which is harmful for their social life. Moving frequently can also have a negative influence on children’s sense of security. It may take a long time for children to feel safe if they are constantly shifting to new environment. However, these problems are insignificant when compared to the benefits of living in a safe country. 

In conclusion, various factors encourage people to move to a new environment. It is always advantageous for children if their family escapes from war or persecution. Although maintaining friendship is challenging for children, the benefits are more significant.

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