Strategies for Academic Writing Task 1

In the Academic module, the first task is to write a report. You will be given a chart, table, diagram or graph and you have to summarise the information.

Your report should include a brief introduction in your own words. You can use information from the headings and the question. You can, for example, include an overview statement about the data shown in the graphs, tables or charts.

After giving a brief introduction, you need to focus on main features, key trends and details. Make sure that you support the features by figures from the data. You should finish the report with a short summary.

Sometimes you may be asked to describe a process. Before you start writing, you have to study the diagram to ensure that you understand how the process works. Some processes have a beginning and an end. In this case, you should begin your report with a brief overview of the beginning. Summarise the whole process with an introductory sentence.

If the process has several distinct stages, you will need to divide the description into neat paragraphs. It is okay to use the notes on the diagram, but you should try to paraphrase them in your own words. Use expressions like first, second, afterwards, finally etc. to establish the link between stages.

Note that you are required to report the information given in the chart or diagram. You are not supposed to volunteer information you were not asked for.

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