Spending Money On Space Exploration Programmes Is A Waste Of Money | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Many people think that the government should spend money to explore outer space, while others think that it is a waste of public money. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

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Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

According to some people, the government should not spend money on space exploration. I agree with this view. In my opinion, there are other areas that need public spending. Also, space exploration is not crucial for the development of a country.

Of course, there are some benefits to investing in space research. It helps us to learn more about the universe we are a part of. Also, there is a possibility that some space missions may find life on other planets. We may also be able to find other inhabitable planets. Since, population growth is leading to a resource crunch on planet earth, finding another planet that can sustain life is in the larger interest of the whole humanity.

On the other hand, there is no guarantee that we will find another planet that we can colonize. It is a mere possibility and it may take hundreds or thousands of years before we actually manage to achieve it. Hence, spending public money on such projects is unlikely to offer much in return at the moment. What’s more, there are several other pressing needs on earth that need immediate resolution. For example, millions of people still do not have access to potable water or education. Even today, thousands of people die in war and conflicts almost every day. It is foolish to spend money on space programmes before addressing these issues. Actually, making our planet more livable is much better than finding another planet to live in.

In conclusion, although outer space exploration projects help us to learn more about the universe, these projects are not crucial for the development of a country. Moreover, public money should be spent on more pressing issues like healthcare and education because they directly impact the public.

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10 Responses

  1. Chikamalu says:

    It is often thought that the government should finance the exploration of outer space. However, others believe that it is a waste of public funds. In my opinion, it is important to spend money on space exploration, but more money should be spent on basic amenities.

    On the one hand, there are valid reasons to funding explorations on space. Firstly, the discovery of new things have aided development over time. In other words, the curiosity of going to outer space can bring about discoveries and inventions that could change our lives for the better. For example, placing of satellites on space has helped curb security problems in the world today because satellites have footprints of every location of the earth. Secondly, there are professionals and scientists working in this field that needs to be supported. By government sponsoring space trips and engineers who build space ships, people would not be jobless in this field and people in this line of profession can pursue their dreams.

    On the other hand, there are compelling reasons to why some people believe that government should not sponsor outer space exploration with public money. To start with, spending money on basic infrastructures is far more important than any other funding. This has a direct impact on the lives of the people. While space exploration will not heal sicknesses or provide food, government needs to invest in building hospitals, roads, schools and other social infrastructure that will directly impact on the lives of the populace. Moreover, the funds can be spent on social programs that would raise the standards of living of the masses. For example, these monies could be used for loans to individuals willing to start up new businesses.

    To conclude, although spending money on outer space exploration has some benefits; however, the government should spend the bulk of its budgeted funds on providing social amenities and basic infrastructure.

  2. Shubham Kumar says:

    Could you please post the sample essay related to the below topic

    Some people say that a country should produce food locally, while others believe that it is good to import food. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and relevant examples
    It is often argued that government should emphasize more on the local production of food. However, few people in society also believe that it is good to import foods from a foreign country. I believe that the Government should maintain the balance between local production and import of food items to safeguard the interest of consumers in the country.
    To begin with, Food is the basic necessity of the human being and thus it plays a very important role in the fluctuation of inflation in the economy. Therefore every government focus to foster the production of food locally and it has numerous advantages. Firstly, it helps in saving the forex reserves which usually spend on import of the food items. Secondly, it would help in getting the good prices of food commodity for farmers. Thus it increases the income of the local farmers in the country which expedite the overall economic progress of the country.
    However, it is also argued that it is wise to import food from the outside country if it is available at a cheaper rate compared to the domestic country. Every country has a comparative advantage on particular products because of the climatic conditions and other geographical factors due to which they can produce those goods at a competitive price. For instance, Climatic conditions of India do not suit the production of Olives and therefore it is a rationale for it to import them from Italy which has a comparative advantage.
    I believe it is better to maintain the balance between the local production and import of the food articles to control the prices. Moreover, It plays an important role in controlling the level of inflation in the economy.
    To recapitulate, after analyzing the above scenario it is not very hard to come on the consensus that it is very important to have a radical balance between the local production and import of food items for the welfare of the consumers.

  3. Shubham Kumar says:

    It is true that outer space has become a prevalent topic of research for human being nowadays. In this contemporary era, it is an inevitable for human to ignore the importance of space for their needs and thus many nations spend a stupendous amount of money on the research of outer space. However, few people think that this money should be utilized to meet the basic necessity of the country. However, I believe that, the Government should spend money on the research of outer space and should leverage the space information for the welfare of their country.
    To begin with, nowadays, many countries in the world are in the rat race to contribute their research and knowledge to explore the outer space. There are numerous benefits for this phenomenon. Firstly, Satellites and space stations help in improving the navigation of the country. This helps in easy availability of high speed internet, better connectivity, and enhanced telecommunication system in the country. Secondly, it also helps in the collecting the accurate information for forecasting the weather condition of the particular region. Thus, it would help the local authority to prepare themselves for the severe weather conditions like drought, flood, tornado etc.
    However, many are those who believe this as wastage of money which can otherwise, be utilized for the improvement of basic amenities of humanity. Many developing countries who have many economical problem could utilize those money in eliminating poverty, provide better medical facilities and education system to their rural areas and many such.
    However, I believe that, every country should invest substantially in the exploration of the outer space and should leverage the information judiciously for the welfare of their citizens. For instance, India is using the information collected by their satellite in the welfare of their citizens. They are able to provide cheap internet services, better navigation system in the hilly area because of their efficient air space program.
    To recapitulate, after analyzing the above situation, it is not very hard to come on the consensus that outer space is the very important aspect nowadays and every country should invest judiciously to get their results for their benefits.

  4. jalal kazi says:

    The hypothesis among the people who believes to spend money on the research of outer space is quite good mo of government where it is claimed to invest fund in this initiative is futile.

    People learn from the nature in other words whatever the human beings have accomplished up to today is resulted to the depth study of environment. Thus, even the earth is also parts of nature that can provide significant data about the foundation of our planet. This approach can broad scientific field and give scope to do more study on it which helps to enhance people life. Even it clears all the bias of scientific thesis are made in past. for instance, recently the image of black hole has been showed in every communicating medium, which provides evidence and support to two scientists who made the hypothesis about it. That is proven by this image. In addition it provides many benefits to people such as GPS facility, oversee on weather attitude and other environment related information.

    On this contrary, the fun has been allotted to this kind of project is reckless. The amount should be used for other matters which are really serious. There are abundance people who does not get even drinking water and do not have sanitation facilities which causes so many deaths in every year. This could be prevented by using this amount on this problem and do endeavour to provide basic necessities. Another factor is education there are a many nation which do not have prominent facilities of school life school buildings and benches which can be improved to invest money on this appropriate place. To illustrate my study report was shown in newspaper about the South Africa where major countryside places does not have such amenities however that teachers teach students under the tree and try to give taste of education such kind things are needed heed from develop nations so they could take all from this problem.

    in conclusion this both approach is relative Lee crucial in the on matter but to keep prominent human needs I opine that to fulfill urgent requirement is essential and it is their fundamental right to have such basic facilities.

  5. Nandini Aggrawal says:

    Many people think that the government should spend money to explore outer space while others think that it is a waste of public money. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

    Although it is sometimes thought that the space exploration should be done by a country and government should spend money on that, other people believe that it is a sheer wastage of general public’s money. In my opinion, deciding whether to spend money on space exploration or nor, should depend on how developed the country is.
    On the one hand, some people think that the government of a country is ought to spend money on space exploration, as it helps in providing growth opportunities in the nation. In other words, it would increase the possibility of life on other planet also. For example, India is going to become the first country, sending artificial robot to the south-pole side of the Moon, to take its first picture. Earlier, there was a clue of having snow on Moon, and now it would be declared whether there are chances of water or not. This step is taken by Indian Government by spending millions of dollars on this project. Furthermore, it would also increase the knowledge about the existence of other planets in universe.
    On the other hand, it is often believed that it is wastage of public money, instead, government should spend money on elimination poverty, providing career opportunities among youth people, providing education facilities and healthcare facilities in country and providing resources to the needy ones. People believe that they pay heavy taxes to the government, and it is usually wasted on things like space exploration, which never benefits them, and that is why government should spend that money wisely for the welfare of the general public.
    In my opinion, it totally depends upon the development of the country. If the nation is under developed, or developing, then the government should first of all focus upon its people, and should not spend the hard earned money of tax payers in doing such activities like space exploration., instead, it should focus upon the development of the country first. However, if the country is developed, then the government must spend money to explore the outer space as well. It would not only develop that nation, but other countries would also get effected, as they would also get to know about other planets.
    In conclusion, despite people having different views, I believe, it totally depends upon the economic condition of the particular country. If the country is developed, it should definitely focus on space exploration, otherwise the government should not spend money in these activities.