Some TV Programmes And Violent Video Games Are Harmful For Children | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some TV programmes and video of violent games are harmful for children. How harmful they are? What can be done to solve these problems?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is an irrefutable fact that television shows and videos based on violence have a detrimental effect on children.  This essay dwells into the extent of harm caused by these programmes and the possible remedial measures to fight this menace.

Too much exposure to violence in the form of television programs or game videos has long-lasting, pernicious effect on young minds.  Behavioural science has enough evidence to prove that individuals who grow up witnessing violent behaviour around them tend to manifest personality issues like aggression, fear, or even schizophrenia in their adult hood.  The senses of children, to a large extent, are incapable of differentiating between real and virtual experience. The young brain when repeatedly exposed to such violent stimulus gets into a fight or flight mode.  To make matters worse, the body remains in this mode even after the violent visuals are gone.  In the long run, the constant stress will subject the body to a host of ailments. Thus in the name/guise of providing entertainment, these programmes are holding our children’s health to ransom.

Fortunately, the situation could be turned around by using simple measures.  Children get introduced to TV programs through adults.  So, adults should be prudent about what they are watching, especially when the children are around.  Secondly, if a child is too much into videos of violent games, parents can coax him/her into watching some other types of videos, which are equally stimulating but not harmful. For instance, they can watch speculating games, IQ testing riddles and the like. If children insist on watching violent programmes, parents should not hesitate to reprimand them or revoke the permission to watch TV.

To conclude, television and the internet is littered with violent programmes and games which can lead to personality disorders in children. This issue needs urgent tackling by parents and other adult members of the family using methods involving distraction or even polite force before the situation goes to a level beyond repair.

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