Some People Work For The Same Organisation All Their Working Life | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people work for the same organisation all their working life. Others think that it is better to work for different organisations.
Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, it is better to work for the same establishment throughout their career, while others opine that changing jobs frequently is more beneficial. I believe that working in the same enterprise is better than switching jobs every few years as it not only helps an employee to achieve good career progress but also guarantees them financial stability.

On the one hand, people who change jobs frequently acquire a diverse set of skills. This will definitely help them in many ways. Also, people who job hop are less likely to experience work related boredom. On the flip side, however, this may seriously hinder their career prospects. They are less likely to receive a promotion or rise. Their chances of acquiring domain expertise are also slim.

By contrast, staying in the same job is more beneficial. To start with, people who work for the same organization for their entire working life have significantly higher chances of getting a promotion and raise. They could even be promoted to managerial positions. In addition, the years or decades of experience they have working in the same field definitely give them an edge over those who switch careers frequently. Another advantage of staying with the same company is that it allows employees to have better work life balance. They do not have to worry about frequent transfers. Also the comfort level that they develop with their colleagues after working with them for years make the workplace more pleasant and less stressful for them.

To sum up, changing jobs frequently certainly has some advantages. However, in my opinion, this practice can seriously hinder one’s chances of gaining promotion. By contrast, working with the same organisation ensures much better career prospects and work life balance.

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11 Responses

  1. pharmacist says:

    Having a decent job is very important to everyone. While some people think that changing workplaces has a lot of benefits, I believe that job satisfaction comes from remaining in the same company. In this essay, I am going to discuss this issue.
    Some people tend to change their company to pursue their career which I think has some drawbacks. To begin with, fitting in new work atmosphere can take a lot of time and energy. In other words, newcomers to a new organization, are unknown with the rules and regulations of the new place. As they have to pass a lot of tutorial courses to gain related experience, that costs a lot of time and effort. In my experience, I had a hard time dealing with the new company’s approaches while I was a new employee in my workplace. Likewise, having a list of entreprise’s name in one’s resume can raise a lot of question about an individual’s loyalty. Employers are looking for someone who is resilient and loyal to the company then they can achieve their business goals through staff’s determination and tenacity.
    On the other hand, I agree with those people who prefer to remain in one company for the rest of their lives. Firstly, these people who are known for their faithfulness, are more likely to get promoted. With getting a higher position in their profession, a higher salary would be offered to them. Consequently, they would be more satisfied with their work-life. Secondly, having long experience in one organization leads to having a particular circle of colleges. Being in a friendly environment which provides emotional support and contentment for individuals, will cause job satisfaction and happy work life.
    In conclusion, while there are some people who love to switch their jobs, I think that working in one company for lifetime hold the water.

  2. pharmacist says:

    thank you🌸🌸

  3. Shamindra Peiris says:

    Opinions on the employment purely depend on the personal preferences and attitudes. Some individuals opt to being employed in the same place for the entire life, while others move into various organizations when opportunity arises. I am strong advocate of the latter; and the following essay presents the facts supporting the same.

    On one hand, there is set of employees who stick to one organization during the full tenure of their working life. Generally, it is believed that these individuals are extremely loyal to their employer and never look out for better opportunities outside. Most of the time, this loyalty attracts the employer’s attention and in turn receives the recognition and merit as a long serving employee. Also, based on the performance, they get the chance to climb up in the career ladder. For instance, my immediate superior, who is 45 at DFCC Bank is now serving as a Vice President and she has joined the bank at the age of 23 as a Management Trainee.

    On the other hand, some argue that serving only for one organization simply limits one’s exposure to one industry. Further it narrows down one’s horizon to explore varied cultures prevailing in different organizations. This ultimately results in confining one’s capacity to perform well in various arenas. For instance, an individual who has served only in a manufacturing environment would not know the cultural diversification in the service sector.

    Moreover, due to cultural barriers and procedures prevailing in some organizations, some employees struggle to get promoted to a higher level, irrespective of the qualifications achieved and the number of years completed in service. For example, it is very rarely a Banking Assistant joining a Bank receives the opportunity to get promoted to the Executive Cadre, even if he/she completes an academic/professional qualification due to hierarchical issues in the banking system. Hence, it is apparent a person should seek for external opportunities available to achieve higher perks as well as a better designation rather than being stagnant in the same place.

    In conclusion, though being loyal to one entity might result in recognition and growth, in order to achieve more in terms of knowledge, exposure, position and perks, one should not be confined to one organization for ever.

  4. Krishna says:

    It is obvious that many people work in organizations for their livelihood. Whereas some people do jobs in the same organization throughout their lives, others believe that working in various companies is beneficial. In this essay, I will discuss both views and give my opinion.

    To begin with, it is often said that working in the same company has vital benefits which will help them later in their carrier and I agree with this. This is because those who work consistently in the same corporation will likely to get promoted and will be paid an ample amount of salary. To illustrate this, recent research which was led by National Organisation in June 2013 revealed that people who work at the same organization have a better work-life balance and are well aware of the company’s rules and regulations. Furthermore, having a job in the same organizations shows that they are faithful to the organization and helps them to have more close friends to whom they communicate with each other most of the time in their workplace which sometimes enhances productivity.

    However, having a job in different companies often has some benefits and drawbacks. The reason for this is that when those change their job frequently can obtain a wide variety of knowledge about the organization and places. As a result, this may help them to adopt a new job and new workplace easily when they change the position in the company. Nevertheless, these people may have fewer chances to get promoted and pay increments as they are believed to work for less time.

    In conclusion, although working in different companies has some benefits, In my opinion, I believe that one who works for the same company the rest of their life has more chances to be promoted and better carries and pay scales.

  5. Pratik says:

    Each and every people needs to work for fulfilling their daily needs. It is quite a common discussion happens amongst the people that individual should work for the am organization throughout their working life, while other public believe that working in different company has more convenient and beneficial. This essay will discuss why changing the company provides ample of opportunity to learn and earn more money than in the same organization.

    A number of people works for same private company in order to survive with their life. These folks assert that they know the current organization policy and familiar with the work culture. In addition, if they change the organization they need to adjust with the new work culture which takes time to follow it. For example, it is scientifically proven that around 30 percentage of demos don’t think to change the current employer. These people might afraid of passing the all interview stages again to secure the new job, which requires plenty of time.

    On the flip side, some people prefer to change the employer in order to gain a high salary and learn the various technology. These People believe that by changing the organization they get chance to familiar with other companies work culture and policy. As a result, they come across with the various customers and provide different services for them. To illustrate, a recent study shows that around 55 percent of working mankind change their employer in 5 years. Thus, these factors shows that people need to change their job to gain tremendous experience of the organization.

    In conclusion, a number of people argue that changing the organization is more beneficial than working in the same company. In my opinion, I completely agree that switching of the employer not only provide a good amount of salary but also get a chance to learn new technology which help them in future.

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