Some People Think Playing Computer Games Is Bad For Children | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think playing computer games is bad for children on everything. Others think it has some positive on the way children develop. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Computer games are quite popular among teenagers. A number of people think this has bad influence on every aspect of the child. A few think it has some positive impact on the child’s growth. In my opinion, playing computer games certainly helps them to develop certain skills but that is at the expense of their health.

To begin with, games have been the fundamental way of teaching skills to children. Growth in technology made computer games popular among teenagers. In addition to that, playing puzzle based or strategic games develop soft skills and team build techniques. Simultaneously, virtual games have made it possible for juveniles to meet like minded people and share ideas with them. For instance, the research paper published by “Stanford University” states that children who play video games are 10 times more productive and multitasking than their peers who do not play games.

On the other hand, spending a great deal of time playing games will lead to several health related issues among children. Problems such as, back pain, joint pain and eye strain are common because most of the games played using computer require the player to sit and stare at the screen all the time. To illustrate, the number of children wearing spectacles has increased after computer games became more popular.

In conclusion, no doubt there are some pros involved in playing video games. However, these skills are achieved at the cost of health, proper care should be taken to overcome such issues so that children can enjoy quality time playing and learning.

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4 Responses

  1. taetaeli says:

    Nowadays, advanced technology has made its way into each household, providing electrical devices for every human being. The computer gaming industry has been thriving since children and teenagers are playing computer games more frequent than before. Some people blame that computer games are bad for children on everything, from health to education while some said otherwise. In my opinion, playing computer games is good for children, especially cultivating their creativeness.

    Computer games can help children to develop different skills such as communication, teamwork and others. In light of the evidence from a conducted study, playing games can improve creativeness among the children. For instance, Minecraft is about building a 3D fake reality world using a variety of 3D blocks. Children can implement and build their dream world through Minecraft. Communication and teamwork skills are vital for future use, regarding in school or the future workplace. Computer games are a great source for guiding children to develop these soft skills from a young age.

    Having said that, children might be obsessed with the fake virtual world that they lose track of time. Excessive gaming will lead to children neglecting their school work and not spending quality time with their families. When their parents confiscate their computers, they will feel irritated and some children might shout at their parents. Moreover, computer games might cause some health problems like eye strain and back pain. Lack of physical movement due to long-time sitting in front of the computer screen is one of the leading factors of obesity.

    In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages to allow children to play computer games. As long as they have good time management between computer games and homework, playing computer games should be beneficial for the children.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me.

      • Kanza says:

        Computer games have become one of the major activity of every child all over the world. To some extent, it is a habit of every teenager to play computer games. Technological advancement are letting children to get involved in the computer world rather than physical activities. Some people thinks that it is harmful for their children and some consider it as a positive thing. In my opinion, it is not wrong or harmful to play computer games despite of using it for a longer time period.
        Computer games will affect the health of children if they will use it all the time. The negative effects of computer games depends upon the time of computer usage. Longer the time period, more negative side effects and limited time period will help in the mental growth of your child. More the exposure towards the computer screen, more dangerous for the health of every individual.
        Moreover, the advantages and disadvantages of using computer games depends upon the type of the games. Some of the computer games are effective which helps in developing the mind of the child. Puzzles and problem solving games are intellectual and helps the cognitive ability of every child.
        On the other hand, children should be knowing about their leisure and free time so there should be no clash between their studies and play time. Time management is the key to success and if it is done properly, there will be no issue in playing computer games for getting relax in the free time
        I will be concluding my essay by stating that there are both the positives and negatives of playing computer games. These all advantages and disadvantages depends upon certain factors which are discussed above. It is not a good thing to neglect the need of computer games in our child’s world, we should just make sure that they are using it effectively and efficiently. There should be a balance between the computer games and physical activities in order to maintain the good health of your child.

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