Some people think basic healthcare should be free for everyone | IELTS essay sample

Some people think basic healthcare should be free for everyone. Others believe people should pay their own medical costs. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

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IELTS essay sample

It is undoubtedly true that adequate healthcare is of extreme importance in the life of a person. Some people think that it must be free of charge for everybody. Others, however, believe that it is the responsibility of an individual to bear the entire cost involved in availing themselves of medical treatments and facilities.

It can be argued that a citizen pays a hefty sum of money as tax and so, authorities must provide all the treatment free of cost. While this can be true to a certain extent, I am of the opinion that being responsible for one’s medical expenditure can perhaps make a person more conscious of their health.

The affluent sections of the society pay a huge amount of tax to the government. The modern workforce, particularly those working in the public sector pay this sum from their monthly salary. Since this money is collected from the people, the government should certainly use it to provide various public services. So it seems that the demand for making fundamental health care free of cost is reasonable / justifiable.

On the flip side, there is a strong argument in favour of making individuals responsible for their healthcare. Once a person pays the exorbitant prescription and treatment charges he becomes wary of the expenses involved in the process. As a result, he makes conscious efforts to keep himself fit and healthy. For instance, in India many people do regular exercise and yoga just to avoid the huge treatment charges. Additionally, when people are responsible for their medical expenses, more and more of them will want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having said that, the government must step in to help those who cannot afford to pay their medical bills.

In conclusion, I am of the view that although we pay massive amount of money in the form of tax, paying for our own treatment definitely helps in keeping us healthy and fit.

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