Some People Prefer To Provide Help And Support Directly To Those In The Local Community Who Need It | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people prefer to provide help and support directly to those in the local community who need it. Others, however, prefer to give money to national and international charitable organisations. Discuss both views

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

People differ in their opinion regarding the manner in which they want to help the society. While many people prefer to provide aid to the under privileged living in their local community, others donate to the NGO’s. In my opinion, both methods have their merits.

Giving money to the non-profitable organisations has multifarious benefits. First, these organisations work tirelessly at the national and the international level for the people and any aid given to them is transferred to the destitute and the poor through a proper channel. More importantly, they have numerous branches all over the world which certainly widens their reach and enables them to help even people living in extremely remote places. For instance, Red Cross provided the migrants with food and shelter during the corona pandemic and thus saved millions of lives. Therefore, by helping such societies the citizens can definitely become a part of the noble cause.

Conversely, there are those who prefer to help the less fortunate directly and are hesitant to give funds to charitable organisations. They assert that handing over the money directly to the needy allows them to know the impact they have on those lives. For example, there may be people who need financial support for receiving medical treatments in their immediate neighbourhood. Helping them is a great way for them to see the difference they make right before their eyes. Also, by removing all the intermediaries, they can be perfectly sure that monetary benefits reach the poor.

To conclude, reaching out to the needy directly and donating money to charities are both excellent ways to contribute to the society. In my opinion, if there are people who need assistance in our community, we should first help them before contributing to NGOs. Charity, after all, begins at home.

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