Some People Believe That Children Should Not Be Given Homework Every Day | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people believe that children should not be given homework every day, while others believe that they must get homework every day in order to be successful at school. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Whether or not children should receive homework every day is a matter of debate. Many parents and teachers insist that students should be given some tasks that they should complete at home because it enables them to internalize the concepts they learned at school. However, others completely oppose this view and claim that homework puts students under pressure. Both views will be discussed in this essay before arriving at a conclusion.

Homework certainly benefits students in many ways. Most students will not learn anything unless it is compulsory. By giving them homework every day, teachers can ensure that they learn their lessons on the same day they are taught in the class. In my opinion, this is the biggest benefit of giving homework. Without constant practice it is not possible to succeed at school. For example, subjects like science and mathematics need regular revision. If students do not do homework, they will suffer during exams because of the piling up of work.

On the flip side, giving too much homework can be counterproductive. If students go home with dozens of tasks after spending seven or eight hours at school, the consequences could be quite catastrophic. The human brain, especially the brain of young children, requires rest to perform efficiently. Otherwise, it could malfunction and children might develop depression.

In my opinion, the concept of homework itself is not harmful. Problems arise when teachers give too much homework and when students fail to use their time wisely. For instance, if the deadline for a specific assignment is after 2 weeks, most students would leave it until the very last minute and by doing this they are putting themselves under unwanted pressure. Parents can prevent such situations by regularly monitoring the homework of their children.

In a nutshell, some amount of homework is definitely beneficial for the academic success of students. However, teachers need to ensure that they are not burdening students with excessive work.

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4 Responses

  1. Sophia says:

    Please give me a free band score estimate.
    It is commonly believed that homeworks should not be provided to children daily, whereas a group of people opposes it and strongly believes that they should receive enough homeworks each day. In this essay I try to discuss both the views before reaching a concrete decision.
    Nowadays children are more grappling with their routine homeworks which makes them much stressful. Therefore these might make them overburdened. As a result they eventually loses the interest in their studies. For instance, the school named Carmel academy , which is nearby my home is a CBSE board affiliated school. But my friend’s daughter is always tensed to go to class because of huge homeworks.
    On the other hand, homeworks helps a lot to improve a student in studies. Moreover it is said that practice makes a man perfect. Therefore daily excercises and sums in accordance with the lesson which are learned at school has to be practiced through the homeworks given on the respective days. Furthermore this helps a child to achieve a perfect score in the examinations. For example,eventhough maths was really a horrible subject to me, the daily workbook which I used to do at home helped me to perform incredibly to attain proficient mark. Hence in my opinion daily homeworks always play a great role in the achievement of each and every child. However it is important to make sure that it becomes a burden for him or her.
    In conclusion, the implementation of regular homeworks in the curriculum is best method to help a child to excel in the academics. Hence, routine homeworks is appropriate considering the level of burden in children.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me.

      • dogan says:

        In recent time, there is a heated debate in society whether or not students should receive homework every single day. Although homework are quite essential for children, overwhelming number of assignments could have negative impacts on youngsters.
        To begin with, there is no doubt that doing homework has clearly beneficial for children. Many of students neither practice daily on what they learned at school, nor do research on topics coming up on following days. That is to say, such students will be failed in their education lives, as a result of which youngsters who did not assimilate the subjects thought at school. To clarify, the most practical method of understanding exactly what learned at school is doing homework daily.
        On the other hand, giving too much homework has detrimental effects on the psychology of a child. Children who continue to go to school, especially go to primary school, need to spare their time for not only their future education, but also leisure activities. Too much homework may bring about depression since they are busy with doing homework instead of extracurricular activities. Furthermore, students overburdened by extra homework might be antisocial in following years as a result of being trapped by “to-do-lists of homework”.
        In my opinion, homework is extremely crucial for students’ school success; however, there should be a balance between youngsters’ homework and free time. Some classes require more practices than others. Mathematics and Physics, for instance, consist of plethora of formulas that should be applied on questions. Practicing weekly with adequate number of homework is the most beneficial way to conceive such matters. Contrarily, leisure activities are also necessity in lives of young people in order to boost their mental abilities as well as their social skills. I think, sports activities are as important as homework for Mathematics in the daily life of a child.
        To conclude, some people are very apprehensive about the amount and necessity of their children’s daily received homework, while others oppose this opinion completely. Although sufficient number of homework could be assigned for students weekly in order to understand deeply what they learned at school, youngsters should also spend their time for their hobbies and other activities to be relaxed.

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