Passive verb forms

Here is a list of all the active and passive forms of the verb write.

Tense Active verb form Example Passive verb form Example
Simple present Base form of the verb I write a letter.

He writes letters.

Is / am / are written A letter is written by me.

Letters are written by him.

Present continuous Is / am / are + past participle I am writing a letter.

She is writing stories.

Is / am / are + being + past participle A letter is being written by me.

Stories are being written by her.

Present perfect Has / have + past participle I have written a letter.

She has written several stories.

Has / have + been + past participle A letter has been written by me.

Several stories have been written by her.

Simple past Past tense form of the verb I wrote a letter.

He wrote stories.

Was / were + past participle A letter was written by me.

Stories were written by him.

Past continuous Was/ were + ing form He was writing a letter.

She was writing stories.

Was / were + being + -ing form of the verb A letter was being written by him.

Stories were written by her.

Past perfect Had + past participle He had written a letter. Had + been + past participle A letter had been written by him.
Simple future Will / shall + base form of the verb I will write a letter. Will / shall + be + past participle A letter will be written by me.
Future perfect Will / shall + have +past participle I will have written a letter. Will / shall + have + been + past participle A letter will have been written by me.


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