Overview of the 4 sections of the Listening module

Section 1

Section 1 typically features a conversation about social needs. It could, for example, be an interview at an accommodation agency. You may be asked to complete forms, answer multiple choice questions or give short answers. This section tests your ability to listen for specific details like names, measurements, prices etc.

Here are some example conversations you may have to listen to in section 1:

The speaker may be answering questions asked by passport or customs officials at the airport. Or the speaker may be asking a passer-by for directions to the nearest bank or post office or making an appointment to meet a friend.

Section 2

Section 2 usually features a monologue. Typical tasks in this section are table / note / sentence / flow chart completion. This section tests your ability to listen for main ideas and supporting points.

Here are some examples of monologues you may have to listen to.

A speech on environment protection or healthy eating

A talk about enrollment procedures at a gym

A radio program about interesting places in a locality

Section 3

Section 3 features a conversation among up to 4 people. It tends to have an educational theme. You may have to perform sentence completion, matching and diagram labeling tasks. Besides other skills, this section tests your ability to understand a speaker’s opinion.

Here are some examples of conversations you may have to listen to in section 3.

A job interview

A conversation among a group of students giving a presentation on an academic topic

A discussion between a student and a professor on how to complete a project

Section 4

Section 4 is also concerned with training or educational contexts. It features a monologue. You may have to complete matching, multiple choice and classification tasks.

There is no break during this section, so you will have to read all the questions at the beginning itself.

Here are examples of monologues you may have to listen to in section 4

A lecture about renaissance or weather

A monologue on how to breed animals

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