More And More People Are Becoming Seriously Overweight | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

More and more people are becoming seriously overweight. Some people say that raising the price of fast foods will solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

An increasing number of people are getting diagnosed with obesity and associated health problems. While some argue that rise in the price of fast foods will alleviate this situation, I partially disagree with this view.

It is true that convenience foods play a vital role in weight gain. Due to the fact that they are high in salt, fat and calories, fast foods are considered unhealthy. Their cheap prices, however, are attractive and act as an added incentive for customers. Poor or middle class people are more likely to purchase junk foods since it is both enjoyable and affordable to eat. Increasing the price of fast food will certainly make it unaffordable to the lower strata of the society. Unfortunately, this will further limit the options available to them because healthy food is already unaffordable to them.

On the other hand, price hike cannot tackle the underlying issue. Healthy eating habits and regular exercise are the major solutions. Since people develop eating preferences at an early age, it is difficult / taxing for them to adopt alternatives later in life simply because of the price. For example, President Trump is known as a burger lover. His financial status has minimal impact on his food selections. It would be more effective for people to voluntarily eat healthy foods and develop proper eating habits. Also the government should take some measures to make healthy food accessible to all sections of the society. People should also cultivate the habit of doing workout every day. As it is impossible to completely avoid junk food, people should try to neutralize some of the negative effects by doing regular physical activity.

To conclude, even though price adjustments can manipulate people’s food selections to some extent, the government should put more emphasis on public awareness. Once citizens realize the risks associated with junk foods, they are more likely to make voluntary changes to their food habits.

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    In today’s world of globalization, communication and socialization is the key to success in every field. Socialization is very essential for an individual to achieve his/her goals and objectives. It is true that people now are more interested in online socialization and ignoring face to face meetups. I believe that this is a negative development.
    People nowadays are attached to their social networks all the time. Uploading photos, videos and online stories is one of the major activity of every individual. Besides the fact that social media is the fastest way of communication, it is observed that people are having fake relationships on internet. Moreover, online socialization has created competition to comment on each other’s profile rather than having emotional attachment with them.
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    In conclusion, there should always a balance between online and face to face socialization. Both ways of communication is important for a healthy relationship. Mediums like Laptops and iPad can also create health issues. Continuous screen exposure is harmful for human’s organs. Brain development becomes weaker due to an extensive use of gadgets and mobile phones. These all factors also show the importance of face to face conversations and meetups between individuals.

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