Living In Large Cities Today Poses Many Problems For People | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Living in large cities today poses many problems for people. What are these problems? Should governments encourage more people to live in smaller towns?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

These days a majority of people migrate to metro cities for a good life and better job opportunities. However, the cost of living in big cities is rising year after year. In addition, they face a plethora of problems such as air pollution, crowding, lack of adequate living space and stress. In my opinion, the governments across the world should take the initiative to motivate people to live in smaller cities as this reduces the burden on the already overcrowded metropolitan states.

The biggest problems of metropolises these days are overcrowding and pollution. More and more people are migrating from smaller villages and settling in larger cities. This is posing a severe threat to the environment. Most of these cities have become a concrete jungle with minimum greenery. The man to land ratio has also increased which results in less space to live. Since these cities are already overcrowded, sometimes the basic infrastructure is missing as the government is not able to handle the problem of crowding. For instance, in Mumbai, plenty of people live in slums due to lack of affordable housing.

In my opinion, the government should start investing more in the development of smaller cities. If people are happy there then they might also rule out the option of migrating to big cities. This will decrease the load on bigger towns. A good blueprint for the development of smaller cities will be fruitful in the long run as it would cure the problem of overpopulation in larger places. This will eventually reduce pollution as well.

To sum up, this essay discussed the problems such as over pollution, overpopulation and space constraints faced by people of metropolitan cities. This essay also stated why I feel that the government should discourage rural people from migrating to urban areas.

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4 Responses

  1. seema says:

    Nowadays people in big cities have more problems such as scarcity of the living space, dwindling numbers of daily needs, pollution, poor sanitation etc. However, the government has to encourage the citizen to live in suburbs or towns. In this essay, I am doing to discuss this matter further in details.
    To begin with, people are migrating to the cities because of the availability of amenities and to save the commute time, hence the population of these advanced cities is in a rise. Due to the heavy population, people do not enough place to live and in some place like Mumbai, India, each flat has more than two occupant. This type of lifestyle leads to poor sanitation and other communicable diseases. Furthermore, the demand for the good exceeds more than supply cause increasing the price, thus difficult for the common man to reach it. Finally, but not the least, pollution rate in these zones are extremely high, which can cause different health and breathing related problems, for example, cities like Delhi, Mumbai of India, the pollutant particles are more in the atmosphere so that most of time people have to use mask.
    However, to alleviate the problem the government should encourage the citizen to relocate to the towns or suburb areas. This can be only achieved by building good infrastructure as well as providing the essential needs and good public transportation system. For example, recently most of the countries try to shuffle the citizen from cities to far-flung areas by implementing good transport system and transferring of industries. It works well in those countries to control the population of the specific place.
    To recapitulate, living in big cities have more problems like tainted atmosphere, health problems and non-availability of goods. By the encouragement of government as discussed above can reduce the effect of problem.

  2. hello says:

    Nowadays, the majority of world population is living in urban areas. While many people associate city life with prosperity, urban dwellers actually have to experience various difficulties, including crime and environmental pollution. From my perspective, governments should use counter-urbanization as a measure to ease the aforementioned problems.

    One of the common issues with living in a city is crime. For a violent crime to occur, there must be a culprit and a victim. In a highly populated area, the risk of encountering a mob is much higher than that of a small town. Additionally, if the culprit feels protected by the anonymity that a large city provides, he may commit more wrongdoings. Furthermore, air pollution is also a prevalent issue in major cities. Surface transportation is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, which cause respiratory problems to the people. This problem is exacerbated by the sheer number of vehicles commuting daily in the city.

    In my opinion, to tackle both the issues above, governments should promote the migration from urban areas to rural ones. As the population density of a metropolitan area is reduced, so do crimes and air pollution. However, city dwellers have their reasons to stay in urban places, such as to enjoy education and job opportunities. This is why governments need to step in because only they can introduce rural development policies. If countryside areas have better infrastructures, people will find less incentive to live in big cities.

    In conclusion, crime and air pollution are two of the various problems of urban life. I believe that urban-to-rural migration, promoted by governments, is an appropriate solution for those issues.

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