In Schools And University Girls Tend To Choose Art Subjects While Boys Choose Science Subject | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

In schools and university girls tend to choose art subjects while boys choose science subject. What is the reason? Should the trend be changed?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Education is the powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. It paves the way to a more civilised and developed society. In this context, it is observed that girls prefer art subjects,  whereas boys choose science for their higher studies / or at university. This trend has the roots submerged in various aspects and in my opinion / perspective a change needs to be introduced at the academic level.

The major catalyst contributing towards this trend is the mental conditioning of the children by the parents and teachers. For instance, girls are considered appropriate for household chores and for doing any subtle work of art as it is perceived in many developing countries that girls will become housewives and will take care of their families. On the other hand, boys are thought to be destructive and inquisitive by nature. They take keen interest in technology and mechanics and have critical thinking ability. Moreover, science subjects provide better job opportunities. Hence, parents push them to take these subjects as they see them as their only breadwinner.

In my opinion, this trend has to be changed with the change in time and age. The most effective solution is to educate parents and motivate them to create a level playing field for both genders. The parents should be made aware of the job prospects in both the fields. There should not be any peer pressure on children to take a particular subject. It is observed that it is not the subject which brings fame and money but it is the interest in the subject which helps to reach the pinnacle. Therefore, conservative thinking needs to change.

The aforementioned discussion boils down to the fact that a subject should be recommended to children only after taking into account their interest. Instead of interfering with their choices, the parents should give equal treatment to all the children irrespective of their gender for the prosperous life ahead.

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