IELTS Vocabulary Practice

Complete the following sentences using an appropriate word or phrase.

1. The clock is not as —————————– as it should be. It gains time.

a) accurate b) certain c) strict d) true

2. Many ———————— decisions were taken at the meeting.

a) historic b) historical c) hectic d) histrionic

3. I have often ————————— why he decided to quit the job.

a) thought b) wondered c) puzzled d) surprised

4. If we can’t borrow their car, we must make ————————– arrangements to go to the airport.

a) alternative b) alternate c) another d) possible

5. In a ————————- move, the Chief Minister dropped two Ministers from his Council of Ministers.

a) surprise b) consistent c) delicate d) secret

6. He is under the ———————— of alcohol.

a) effect b) influence c) impact d) power


1. accurate 2. Historic 3. Wondered 4. Alternative 5. Surprise 6. Influence

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